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We at First Choice Tutoring are committed to providing the highest quality education and supplementation possible. So whether we're helping a student catch-up in academics, stay on top of current material, or gain a competitive edge, we strive to help every student reach their maximum potential!

No Missing Pieces In Our Student's Education

It's never good when a student receives a bad grade. But it's a real shame when a student performs poorly in school because they miss an explanation, or a key bit of information isn't clarified in the proper way. At First Choice Tutoring we help provide the missing pieces in a student's education, helping them see the big picture and showing how old information relates to new topics. This will automatically lead to a better understanding of the material and better grades as well!

Different Students,
Different Approaches to Learning

Every child is unique, with different learning styles and academic strengths. Some students are visual learners, while others are more auditory. Some students benefit from a lot of repetition while others only need to be shown the steps once or twice. Whichever the case may be, our tutors are trained to be flexible and responsive to their student's needs!

The Power of One-On-One
Instruction and Guidance

There's nothing better. To the many students who unfortunately get left behind in the classroom, tutoring in a small group may not be the answer. In this case, working one-on-one with an academic mentor who tailors the learning session to the individual student is the solution. It is only in this setting that a tutor can identify a students weak points and work  right away towards strengthening them. All our academic mentors take pride in being able to provide individualized, customized learning plans for every student they work with.

"Best Tutors in Town!"

Joe is the most skilled tutor my family has ever hired. My younger sister was struggling in her Algebra 2 class, but thanks to Joe, she is now acing it. My parents and I would definitely recommend him!

- Karman from Folsom, CA

"The Heart of a Teacher."

Joe is very knowledgeable in the area of math. He's worked with our son and has tailored strategies that have helped him master Algebra II. Joe is very engaging and encouraging when it comes to our son's success.

- Jenifer from El Dorado Hills, CA

"Excellent Tutor!"
Excellent tutor. We love him already. He explains the subject so well and always encourages student to ask questions which is the key to learning better. We are looking forward to meeting him again soon.
- Josephine from Cupertino, CA
See What Our Team Has To Say About Being an FCT Academic Mentor!

"Working at FCT is such fulfilling work! I enjoy watching student's faces light up when they see what they are capable of!"

— Victoria Almaguer from

     Folsom, CA

"Working for First Choice Tutoring is the best! I thoroughly enjoy working with families and establishing an academic mentoring bond with students. It's a great feeling seeing my students grow due to my positive influence!"

— Ricky Obregon from El Dorado Hills, CA

"I love working at FCT! It gives me the opportunity to help students acheive their goals while allowing me to achieve mine!"

— Eddie Vargas from

     San Jose, CA

"I love being a tutor at First Choice Tutoring because I get to perform edifying work while maintaining a flexible schedule!"

— Daniel Baquero from

     Folsom, CA

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