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SAT & ACT Test Prep

"The essence of training is to allow error without consequence."   - Orson Scott Card
The SAT and ACT  are two exams that are widely used for college admissions here in the United States. And they are unlike any typical exam you will take in high school. At First Choice Tutoring, your student will receive the help that he or she needs to maximize their potential and get the highest possible score!
We offer test preparation in either a one-on-one or small group format. Our test prep programs are customized for every student we work with. So whether you're a student who has not taken the SAT or ACT test before, or if you're looking to improve an existing score, we have a prepared course of action that's perfect for you!
Key Differences Between The SAT and ACT

Why Take It

Test Acceptance

Test Frequency

Registration Deadline



Colleges use SAT scores for admission and some scholarships.

All U.S. colleges

7 times a year

Around 4 weeks before test day (there's a fee for late registering)

Colleges use ACT scores for admission and some scholarships.

Almost all U.S. colleges

6 times a year

Around 5 weeks before test day (there's a fee for late registering)

3 hours, plus 50-minutes for the optional essay

Composite score: 400-1600

Essay score: 2-8

Reading Test
65 minutes
52 questions

Writing and Language Test
35 minutes
44 questions


Math Test
80 minutes
58 questions

2 hours 55 minutes, plus 40-minutes for the optional essay

Composite score: 1-36

Essay score: 2-12

Reading Test
35 minutes
40 questions

English Test
45 minutes
75 questions


Math Test
60 minutes
60 questions

Science Test
35 minutes
40 questions

Entire Test

Time Length

Score range

Individual Test Time Lengths

Test Format Differences 
Benefits of SAT / ACT Test Prep
  • Gaining A Competitive Edge - The US Dept. of Education has stated that the average number of application colleges have received  has increased by 60% from 2002 to 2011, and this number will most likely continue to rise. Our personalized test prep is an excellent way for your child to acquire knowledge that will put them ahead of the competition.

  • College Scholarships - There are many college scholarships out there that are out of reach to students who don't have a high enough SAT or ACT test score(the National Merit Scholarship for example). By incorporating Test Prep into the process, you can dramatically increase your chances of acquiring some of these elusive scholarships.

  • Increase In Confidence - Knowing the topics on either exam isn't enough. Many students who take the exam for the first time without proper preparation can easily be overwhelmed and freeze up because they aren't accustomed to the format. Knowing what to expect and being familiar with the exam ahead of time will lower test anxiety and help improve a student's score.

SAT / ACT Test Prep Testimonials
Student Comments
Parent Comments

"Increased Our Son’s SAT Scores by 400 Points"

We hired Joe Vargas to help prepare our son for the SAT the summer before his senior year in high school.  We used the online Kaplan test prep course with three sessions per week with Joe for three months.  Joe was tremendous.  He analyzed the results from every practice test and built a lesson plan to make sure our son addressed his weaknesses and maximized his strengths.  He increased our son’s test scores by over 400 points.  It was the best investment we made in our son’s college application process.

- Tony from El Dorado Hills, CA

“Superior Knowledge"

My son responds very well to Joe’s tutoring. We have been very happy with this experience, not just for the SAT help, but for his positive attitude & feedback. Thank you Joe.

- Erick from Inglewood, CA

“Best SAT Tutor"

Before I started my SAT test prep I took the SAT one time to see where I was. I scored a 1200 and as embarrassing as that sounds I had to tell my parents. But then I started to work with Joe on SAT prep and just like that the next time I took the SAT my score jumped from a 1200 to a 1710. This surprised both me and my family. And when I took the “new” SAT, I scored 610 points out of 800 on the math section. I cannot thank Joe enough for the help he has given me in both my math classes and the SAT. He is the best tutor I have ever had. He made sure that I knew the topic so that you can retain it for further use. I can't thank him enough.

- Colin from El Dorado Hills, CA

"Very Happy and Grateful!"

First Choice Tutoring has been an awesome experience! I’ve been able to learn new tips for the SAT that REALLY helped me do well on the previous test I took. Joe helped prepare me for the SAT with different study tools, and his positive attitude really inspired me which helped me do well on the test. Thanks for all the help!

- Allison from Placerville, CA

"Excellent Tutor!"

I took the SAT Test twice before and after working with Joe and the difference was night and day! My first score was so bad that I thought I wasn't going to college. Joe's tutoring gave me the confidence and techniques needed to do better. The SAT really is different from every other exam in school but you can do good if you know the little tricks. Thanks again! :)

- Kelly from Gold River, CA

"I Wish I Knew You Sooner"

Excellent SAT tutor. Excellent Physics and Pre-Calculus tutor. I wish I started working with you my Freshman year. Thanks for the advice in school and in general. You've inspire me to help others. Even though I'm off to college I plan on working with you there too. Thank you.

- Darrelle from Rancho Cordova

"Couldn’t Be Happier with SAT Prep"

We wish we would've found Joe sooner. He's very knowledgeable with the SAT and his teaching style is top notch. We look forward to seeing how our son does and we also plan on working with Joe during the fall for regular tutoring.

- Michelle from Folsom, CA

"Simply The Best"

It can be scary trusting something as precious as your son's education to a person you don't know. But luckliy we were referred to Joe by a family friend who worked with him in the past. He connected with our son within the first session and he's helped him make tremendous progress with ACT Test Prep and Chemistry. We began working with Joe because of the ACT, and we will continue working with him during the summer and all of next year as well. And when the time comes, our younger one will be working with hm as well. Phenomenal job Mr. Vargas.

- Mike from Folsom, CA

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