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Online Tutoring

The Future Is Here!

Do you live hours away from Folsom, CA? Do you live close by but you'd prefer not to drive? Not a problem! Gone are the days of needing to travel 30 minutes to meet with a high quality tutor, or having to settle for what's around. The students we tutor all across the country choose to work with us on a weekly basis because we still manage to keep the personal experience associated with working together in-person. Students regularly mention how they feel like they're working side by side with a tutor even though they're many miles apart!

How It All Works

A day or two before tutoring takes place, either the student or the parent sends material for the session in advance. This can be done either by phone or email, and the material can range from pictures of handouts or returned exams, to pictures of pages from a textbook. There's no limit to what can be sent, and the more material that we receive the better. And that's pretty much it! Once we have the information, our tutors will refer to it as necessary to ensure the same top quality tutoring experience. Our academic mentors have all the necessary equipment needed to write out problems and draw diagrams (see slideshow above). No special equipment is needed from the student! Still not convinced? Check out the benefits of online tutoring below, as well as what current students and parents have to say about  working with us through Skype!

Benefits of Online Tutoring
  • Convenience - Zero commute for the parent and student. No more needing to drive 30 minutes round trip for a 60 minute session.

  • Comfort - The student can tutor from home (or dorm room) in a quiet environment free from distractions that can occur in busy locations such a coffee shop or public library.

  • Availability - To the many families we work with (and will work with) who live more than an hour away, geography is no longer a restriction. Finding a local tutor experienced in a particular subject can be a hassle, and it is now a thing of the past. Discovering the right tutor for your needs has suddenly become a lot easier with Skype!

  • Technology Advantages - Whether the advantage is color coordinating (which help with the understanding of complicated concepts) or being able to take a screenshot of the computer screen (essentially having a copy of the tutor's notes for later review), tutoring through the internet has many advantages and valuable tools which help in the learning process.

Online Testimonials
Student Comments
Parent Comments

"It's Like Khan Academy But Better!"

Joe really knows what he's doing. Ten minutes into the session I knew I wanted to work with him for the rest of the semester. On top of knowing the material, he was able to teach it incredibly well through the computer. I felt like I was watching personalized Khan Academy videos that interacted with me. Looking forward to working with you in Pre-Calculus!

- George from Glendora, CA



Joe is an outstanding tutor! He is very encouraging and supportive when it comes to my education. He is also well qualified and highly informed in Math and Chemistry. Thanks for all the help through Skype!

- Allison from Placerville, CA


"I Went From a D to a B+"

I missed school for two weeks in February because I got very sick. My grades dropped and my parents got me a tutor to get back on track. I was so lost that I started to wonder if I was going to fail. I worked with Joe three days a week and eventually he made the material make sense. With Joe's help I went from a 62% to a 88% and I feel great going into the final. Thank you so much for everything!

- Andrew from Henderson, NV

"Excellent Tutor!"

Excellent tutor. We love him already. He explains the subject so well and always encourages student to ask questions which is the key to learning better. We are looking forward to meeting him again soon.

- Josephine from Cupertino, CA


"Extremely Knowledgeable!"

My son is becoming more confident in his Chemistry and Algebra classes because of the online tutoring sessions he’s had with Joe. I absolutely love his approach of having my son explain the problems and their solutions; thereby confirming his understanding of the material. My son definitely seems more engaged and I’m glad we gave online tutoring a chance. Thanks Joe!

- Kineshia from Birmingham, AL

"Thank Goodness for Skype"

I'm lucky my parents found Mr. Vargas. He explains things better than my teacher and makes sure I know the material well before moving on. I actually look forward to tutoring on a Saturday morning. I never though I would say that.

- Frankie from Hanover, NJ


"Thanks For Helping Me Graduate!"

I began working with Joe after failing my first two Chem exams. Tutoring through the internet was such a blessing. Not only were his explanations 10 times more clear than my teacher's, he paired them with detailed drawings and labeling. My third exam was a 79% and my last two exams - including the final - were in the high 80%'s. I credit all my sucess to you and your teaching methods. Thank you Joe!!!

- Beth from Sacramento, CA

"Very Patient and Knowledgeable"

Joe is very patient and knowledgable. I would recommend him any day. After 3 sessions my son is more confident and doing better in his Algebra class.

- Tracie from Kerrville, TX


"Scores Going Up!"

Our son's Algebra II grades are steadily climbing, along with his confidence -- precisely what we were looking for. Thanks, Joe! Excellent tutoring!

- Terri from Norman, OK


"Very Encouraging Teacher!"

Joe is so encouraging of my son! He is having more confidence in Geometry and is beginning to feel like he really can do this! Thank you!

- Heather from Spring Valley, MN


"Patient and Adaptable"

My son was not looking forward to having a tutor. But after the end of the very first session, he was glad he tried online tutoring and was feeling more comfortable with the material right away. My son really enjoyed that he was able to go through the material at his own pace and Joe was able to explain in ways he could understand.

- Susana from Sacramento, CA

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