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"Competence and Patience"

I’m a forty-something student who has returned to school to finish my bachelor’s degree after taking a break to be a mom nearly 20 years ago. It was a difficult decision to contact Joe because I felt self-conscious and embarrassed for not understanding the concepts that were being covered in my math class. But he immediately made me feel comfortable and was able to quickly determine what my issues were. He worked side-by-side with me through the chapter problems and gave me the tools I needed to find solutions. Joe even came up with a formula for an interest rate problem when the book didn’t provide one. This helped me comprehend the word problems I was working on, giving me a better understanding of how to solve for a specific variable. Joe is a competent and patient tutor, and I look forward to working with him in the future, not only in this class but also in chemistry.

- Amber from El Dorado Hills, CA

"Joe is the Best!"

Joe helped me with my algebra 100 class in college. He knew the materiel very well, and was very patient. Thanks Joe!

- Mackenzie from Shingle Springs, CA


"Patient and Enthusiastic Tutor!"

Joe has been so patient and encouraging with me. He made it so comfortable for me to ask questions and he helped me see a new way to understand Math, which helped me improve! Thanks Joe!!

- Emily from Cameron Park, CA

"Ricky Helped Me Pull Off a Miracle!"

I was completely lost in Chemistry and didn't understand the way my teacher presented things. Ricky was patient with me and he helped present concepts in various ways so I could understand them. My grade went up 10% in one semester. Thanks Ricky!

- John from El Dorado Hills, CA

"Joe is Great!"

Joe is able to explain math concepts from Alg. II in a clear and straightforward manner that I understand. He is easy to work with, and I appreciate his knowledge, teaching style, and support. I would definitely recommend him. Thanks Joe!

- K.D. from Fair Oaks, CA


Joe is an outstanding tutor! He is very encouraging and supportive when it comes to my education. He is also well qualified and highly informed in Math and Chemistry. Thanks for all the help through Skype!

- Allison from Placerville, CA

"Best Tutor I've Ever Had"

I'm real glad to have met Joe. He seems to know everything about Algebra 2! He rarely needs the book to check a formula and he even helped me get points back on my latest exam because he caught  my teacher's mistake. Thanks for helping me pass, I couldn't of done it without you!

- Tyler from Folsom, CA


“Best SAT Tutor"

Before I started my SAT test prep I took the SAT one time to see where I was. I scored a 1200 and as embarrassing as that sounds I had to tell my parents. But then I started to work with Joe on SAT prep and just like that the next time I took the SAT my score jumped from a 1200 to a 1710. This surprised both me and my family. And when I took the “new” SAT, I scored 610 points out of 800 on the math section. I cannot thank Joe enough for the help he has given me in both my math classes and the SAT. He is the best tutor I have ever had. He made sure that I knew the topic so that you can retain it for further use. I can't thank him enough.

- Colin from El Dorado Hills, CA

"I Went From a D to a B+"

I missed school for two weeks in February because I got very sick. My grades dropped and my parents got me a tutor to get back on track. I was so lost that I started to wonder if I was going to fail. I worked with Joe three days a week and eventually he made the material make sense. With Joe's help I went from a 62% to a 88% and I feel great going into the final. Thank you so much for everything!

- Andrew from Henderson, NV


"Thank Goodness for Skype"

I'm lucky my parents found Mr. Vargas. He explains things better than my teacher and makes sure I know the material well before moving on. I actually look forward to tutoring on a Saturday morning. I never though I would say that.

- Frankie from Hanover, NJ

"SAT Math Expert"

Thanks for all the help Joe. There's no way I would've done this well without you. You taught me that "The SAT doesn't test how intelligent you are, it tests how good you are at taking the SAT." Thanks for all the advice. See you next year through Skype!

- Peter from Rescue, CA

"I Wish I Knew You Sooner"

Excellent SAT tutor. Excellent Physics and Pre-Calculus tutor. I wish I started working with you my Freshman year. Thanks for the advice in school and in general. You've inspire me to help others. Even though I'm off to college I plan on working with you there too. Thank you.

- Darrelle from Rancho Cordova

"Best Tutors in Town!"

Joe is the most skilled tutor my family has ever hired. My younger sister was struggling in her Algebra 2 class, but thanks to Joe, she is now acing it. My parents and I would definitely recommend him!

- Karman from Folsom, CA


"The Heart of a Teacher"

Joe is very knowledgeable in the area of math. He's worked with our son and has tailored strategies that have helped him master Algebra II. Joe is very engaging and encouraging when it comes to our son's success. 

- Jenifer from El Dorado Hills, CA


“Knowledgeable and Cool Guy”

With Ricky at his side, my sophomore successfully worked his way through a challenging chemistry class. Rather than looking only for answers to assigned homework questions, together they discussed concepts and the WHY behind the solutions.  Smart, chemistry-solid, approachable and young, Ricky was someone with whom my 16 year-old athlete could relate. I’d recommend Ricky without hesitation.

- Kristin from El Dorado Hills, CA

"Joe helped my 8th grader improve his math grade after only a few sessions."

Joe has been working with my son for a few months and his math grade has gone from a C to an A-. Joe has been successful explaining difficult concepts in a way that was tailored to my son. Something his middle school teacher was not able to do. Joe is always on time and very professional. I can't recommend him high enough.

- Alex from Folsom, CA


"Fantastic Tutor!"

Joe has helped my son raise his Algebra II marks by an entire letter grade. Joe is quick to respond, respectful, organized, and knowledgeable. His support, encouragement, and clear explanations have also improved my son's confidence with the subject matter. We give Joe the highest recommendation and wish we had found him earlier!

- Kim from Fair Oaks, CA


"Fantastic Tutor"

Joe has been helping my son with high school algebra for a few weeks now and both my son and I are very pleased. Joe is an excellent tutor. He is very patient and explains the material thoroughly. We are happy to have found him and recommend him highly.

- Lisa from Folsom, CA


"Extremely Knowledgeable!"

My son is becoming more confident in his Chemistry and Algebra classes because of the online tutoring sessions he’s had with Joe. I absolutely love his approach of having my son explain the problems and their solutions; thereby confirming his understanding of the material. My son definitely seems more engaged and I’m glad we gave online tutoring a chance. Thanks Joe!

- Kineshia from Birmingham, AL


"Excellent Tutor!"

Excellent tutor. We love him already. He explains the subject so well and always encourages student to ask questions which is the key to learning better. We are looking forward to meeting him again soon.

- Josephine from Cupertino, CA


"Great Tutor!"

Joe has been helping my kids the past year with their middle school math class.  My kids instantly felt comfortable asking him questions and learning with him.  I like Joe’s approach of asking my kids questions throughout the tutoring session to confirm their knowledge of the material.   They are now more confident with math and are better prepared for the high school math classes.  I would highly recommend Joe for math tutoring!

- Laura from Folsom, CA


"VERY Helpful and was Patient and Clear"

Joe was very helpful to my two daughters taking their first online class in geometry. He was very familiar with the material, very patient and made the content connections when it was previously unclear. My daughters had tried to get help from other tutors (friends of theirs who are also tutors), but they didn't provide the same level of clarity. I would highly recommend Joe for your tutoring needs.

- Lauren from El Dorado Hills, CA

"Simply The Best"

It can be scary trusting something as precious as your son's education to a person you don't know. But luckliy we were referred to Joe by a family friend who worked with him in the past. He connected with our son within the first session and he's helped him make tremendous progress with ACT Test Prep and Chemistry. We began working with Joe because of the ACT, and we will continue working with him during the summer and all of next year as well. And when the time comes, our younger one will be working with hm as well. Phenomenal job Mr. Vargas.

- Mike from Folsom, CA

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